The favicon Generator

customize icons from the Font Awesome 4.7.0 icon set, we
have more than 670+ icons what can be customized and
downloaded in png format.

Fav Icon Generator is the web’s default icon
set, and has been used on over 100 Million
websites, including


All 7,722 Awesome Icons

7500+ free icons to spice up your
creative designs with our simple
icon Creator

We are here to elevate your designs with thousands of free icons sorted in different
categories with smart technologies for smoother usage

30 Categories

30 Categories

30 Categories

30 Categories

Why Thefavicongenerator?

TheFavIconGenerator is a simple icon maker, this tool can help you create icons that are
custom made with background colour, shape, size, border etc., with more than 7000 icon sets to use for free.

How to use This Tool?

Three easy steps to set up and use The Fav Icon Generator

1. Select the icon that you want to use
Select an icon first that you willing to use and all icons are in PNG

2. Edit your selected Icon
Edit your selected icon using Background, icon, shadow, border settings use the desired colours that you want, Please Note: Colour Values Must Be in Hex Format

3. Download
Once you done customising your icon, download the icon by clicking the download icon button and start using your own custom made icon on your projects including website, desktop, app icons etc.

What is an icon Generator?

Icon Generator is a tool that can help to create custom icons and easily download them in png format to use in their projects, websites, applications, apps etc.

What does this tool do?

This tool is an icon generator, it can be used to generate or create high quality icons using the font awesome 4.7 icons packed with 7000 icons with flat modern deisgn.

What browser those this tool supports?

This tool supports all major browser support (IE11+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera), also it can be used on mobile browsers and desktop browsers.

Can this tool be used to create a favicon?

Yes this tool can be used to create fav icons but the icon will be selected from our icon set and the image dimensions is 500 x 500 and can be either transparent or non-transparent with background colour.

How do I make my favicon background transparent?

Its easy to make your favicon or icon transparent, you can use either Background Settings, icon Settings or border settings depending on how you want your icon to appear and were you want it to be transparent , by using this hex colour code on colour it will change any colour to transparent (#ffffff00).